I Found My Love in Starbucks

It was in April 2012 when I moved from Manila to Cebu and started my career in a new company. 

I have been a regular customer and an avid fan of Starbucks for almost 10 years before I moved to Cebu. The stores that I frequent the most are the branches located in People Support Center, Pacific Star Building, and SM Fairview; it was in these stores that the baristas eventually became my friends. When I moved to Cebu, Starbucks i2 Point became my go-to store for my morning coffee before I go to the office and I usually come back in the afternoon for refreshment. It was very convenient as I lived close to Cebu IT Park. 

It was on February 2013 when one of my staff in the office, Thea, decided to find someone with whom I can go out with. Good thing she knows a friend who is also a member of the same church I go to. She contacted her friend, Arnie, to meet me. Unfortunately, she was already committed to someone that is why she declined. However, Arnie contacted and introduced me to her friend, Deborah through Facebook and gave me her mobile number. I checked her Facebook account to try to get to know her better. 

It was on February 27, when I decided to send Deborah a text message, trying to gauge if she would reply. She answered with a cryptic message that I partially did not understand. The message was written in a mix of English and two other local dialects which were Cebuano and Tagalog so I decided to call her instead. I was nervous at how I would start the conversation. She was stunned to hear who was calling so I introduced myself. Good thing there was already an initial discussion between her and Arnie about me, which made it a little easier for me.  In that same conversation, we decided to meet-up. It was initially set on the following day after church service but I got excited so I suggested meeting her on that same day - in the evening. Our meeting place – Starbucks i2 Point Cebu. 

I arrived early so I ordered my usual drink – Java Chip Frappuccino™ blended beverage. I called to ask her what drink she wanted but she insisted I order for her instead. I got her a Caramel Frappuccino™ blended beverage and a Cinnamon Roll to pair it with. She came at exactly 9:05pm. In less than a month, we decided to make our relationship official.

We were together for a little over six months when I decided to propose to her. I am a self-proclaimed poet so I decided to create a 14-stanza poem for her with the hidden message of my intention to marry her. I gave her one stanza of the poem every month during our coffee dates at Starbucks. It started on September 25, 2013, and went on until September 25, 2014. After that, I never wrote her a poem again.  I decided to fulfill my plan to propose to her last March 25, 2015 and created photo slides of us with each stanza of the poem in it, but now with the culminating stanza asking her to be my wife. 

Starbucks played a major role and witnessed the evolution of our relationship.  This is why we decided to do our prenuptial photo shoot at Starbucks i2 Point Cebu, the store where we first met. 

We are now happily married for eight months and we are expecting our first born pretty soon. It has been a very fulfilling journey, which I will never get tired of remembering over and over again. Thank you Starbucks for the “coffee experience”! 


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