We Found Love at Starbucks

Three years ago, I was on my way home from school. I met a girl and I found myself stuck in that scene. I wasn’t able to talk to her at that time, but one day I had the chance to do so and I told her that I’d like to get to know her. A few days passed, we exchanged numbers, and that was when our story started. 

We became friends for two years; and last year, we started dating and having coffee together. I recently started working, and she’s now in her last year in college so we’re only able to see each other on weekends. We usually meet up at Starbucks – and while waiting for her, I usually do things like write her letters, arrange flowers for her, and of course, think about her. 

We both love having late night talks. While we’ve always enjoyed our favorite sticky cinnamon buns, I’ve always felt like I wanted those moments to last until dawn. I can definitely say that I got to know her better, but I never thought of falling in love with her.

I got so accustomed to her to the point that I couldn’t imagine life without her, and so I decided to ask her if she wanted to be with me. I wasn’t sure if she was about to cry back then, but she took the “no” (which was the Frozen Chamomile Tea), and she stared at me with her sparkling eyes.I felt the butterflies in my stomach since I was so nervous while I was waiting for her to answer. After a couple of seconds, she handed the Frozen Chamomile Tea to me and said: “This is yours, and yes is mine”. The butterflies in my stomach instantly left when I heard her answer, “Yes”,I felt I was on cloud nine. 

We were always together, and we were so happy back then. We had a lot of good memories in Starbucks.

I couldn’t forget her amazing smile when she was eating her Lime Torte Cake and said: “This is now my new favorite cake”.

Starbucks was also my partner whenever I felt like she needed a morale boost, or whenever I knew she was sad.

My girl even helped me out when I was deciding which design to get when I was about to claim my reusable cup, and when I purchased a mug.

Then suddenly one day, she told me “I think that we’re perfect for each other… it’s just that we met at the wrong time”. She broke up with me that day; and now, there’s nothing left with me but these tumblers full of memories.

As I write this story, we’re hanging out and having fun together. I thought that maybe, just maybe – she could give me another chance. Valentine’s Day is about to come; the timing seemed so perfect. She then told me that she just talked to me to answer all of my questions.

It is kind of sad to think that the life that I couldn’t imagine before is the life I have now. Even if our love story ended, we still remain good friends. Maybe “We Found Love at Starbucks” didn’t last for us, but “Meet Me at Starbucks” isn’t too bad either. She may not be my lifetime baby, but she will always be my beautiful coffee buddy.

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